Our Equipment

We operate 4 drilling rigs with some of the newest and most modern equipment available. Our latest drilling rig the Comacchio MC900P.1 is a bespoke rig built to our specifications and imported from Italy for drilling medium sized water wells to 360mm diameters and geothermal open & closed loops, especially in difficult ground conditions with its dual rotary head. We have also invested heavily into state of the art mud treatment equipment to maintain site cleanliness, better working environments for the drill crews leading to increased safety at the work area.

Our latest addition is the acquisition from America of a duplex mud pump and this has now been mounted at our workshop facilities onto a tracked carriage for easy movement around site. It delivers 600 gallons per hour for better flushing of the borehole which results in faster drilling penetration rates resulting in a quicker time to complete projects to tight time constraints. The unit is also complete with hydraulic off takes to run Sand Guzzler pumps at the borehole location to pump away the drilling muds to settlement tanks.

For the installation of the geothermal grout into closed loop boreholes we operate high specification grouting equipment purchased from Geothermal Supplies. These have been mounted onto a tow-able trailer units allowing easier transport and manoeuvrability around the site to the borehole locations. This allows the grout to be mixed to a specified consistency, placed down the tremmie pipe to the bottom of the borehole and pumped quickly, cleanly and efficiently so minimising time spent on site.

Comacchio MC900P.1
Comacchio MC450P
Comacchio MC900GT
Hutte 205GT
Mud Treatment Unit 1
Mud Treatment Unit 2
Mud Treatment Unit 3
Compair Compressor
Grouting Equipment 1 to 3
Hitachi FH150
Komatsu PC160


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