Commercial Water Borehole Program

Commercial Water Borehole Program


Start of a commercial water well program.

The wells are to produce 10 cubic metres of water per hour over a 12 hour working day.

The works started late last year various site meetings across the country to assess the sites requirements and manufacturing needs.  Once this was complete the Environment Agency was approached for consultation to progress the boreholes as they will be fully licensed boreholes on completion.

The drilling requires all the boreholes to be permanently steel lined and pressure grouted into place before drilling to the final depths, the one above finishing at 135m deep.

Installation of the 150mm pump then takes place for pump testing before final licencing and connection of the pump to the manufacturing facility.  During the pump test a water sample will also be taken for assessment of any filtration that may be required to remove impurities such as iron & manganese.




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