Borehole Soakaway Drilling Services

Teckna Group Borehole Soakaway drilling services can be used where a traditional style of soakaway won’t work because of geological or site conditions, or where the installation of traditional drainage will be too expensive, a deep bore soakaway provides a practical alternative.

The soakaway borehole drilling is a similar process to that of water borehole drilling and we install WRAS approved pvc casing and screen.

Following a free desk top site assessment to understand the geology below the site, we will provide a quote for the project with the design, drilling, installation and to complete a DIGEST365 test with all costs clearly outlined.

We install soakaways and like our water boreholes providing the following:

  • All relevant health and safety information and requirements.
  • Drilling using rotary air/mud drilling techniques to the required depth.
  • Installation of the relevant liner using perforated for lower section and solid above
  • Installation of suitable gravel pack to support the liner and allow easy percolation.
  • Grouting of the borehole.
  • Permeabilty Testing for flow rates to DIGEST 365 standards
  • Supplying and fitting of the siphon head.