Could I install a water borehole by myself?

Could I install a water borehole by myself?

Water boreholes are the perfect option for any property owner who needs a reliable, self-sufficient water supply. They access water found deep underground, extracting it from the soil and pumping it to the surface for day-to-day use. They are typically installed by a specialist company – such as Teckna Group – but you may be wondering if it’s possible to drill a water borehole yourself?

The short answer to this question is, no! The water borehole drilling process presents a number of challenges and, to overcome these, a combination of modern technology, expert know-how, and intricate design is needed. Here we take a look at these challenges in further detail and explain exactly why it is a good idea to hire a professional drilling company.

3 challenges of the water borehole drilling process

  1. Reaching a sufficient depth

In order to gather water effectively, a water borehole has to be very deep, reaching down to 200m below the surface of the ground. This makes it virtually impossible to create using household items and DIY tools. Even if it were possible, the finished borehole would likely collapse over time.

Here at Teckna Group, we overcome this problem by using heavy-duty drilling rigs – which dig, quickly, easily, and accurately until the required depth has been reached. The borehole is then cased with high-quality stainless steel, adding support and reinforcement. 

  1. Successfully extracting groundwater

The main purpose of a borehole water system is to access and extract water from underground; however, due to the depth of the borehole, this in itself can be quite challenging.

A specialised water borehole pump is required, and these are typically installed as part of a professional drilling service – such as that offered by the Teckna Group. We have a wide range of water borehole pumps to choose from, all of which are designed to be installed (and survive!) deep underground. We also supply and install ancillary equipment (such as auto shut-off options and pressure vessels) and water tanks that can hold between 1000 and 20,000 litres of water.

  1. Extracted water may be Non-Potable

A water borehole takes water from deep underground and, due to obvious reasons, this water may be non-potable.  Such non-potable water can make it unsuitable for use, particularly as drinking water, and it is incredibly important that it is thoroughly cleaned and filtered beforehand.

Before starting the water borehole drilling process, our team of experts overcome this challenge by assessing the geological properties of your site. This assessment will help to identify the best place for your water borehole, where the chances of groundwater pollution are relatively small. We also fit all of our water boreholes with an effective UV filtration system.

Forget a ‘DIY’ water borehole – contact Teckna Group for help!

It may just seem like a hole in the ground, but the construction of a water borehole involves both expert knowledge and a range of sophisticated technology. If you would like to introduce a borehole water supply to your property, it is definitely worth investing in a professional water borehole drilling service – such as that offered by Teckna Group.

We demonstrate a wealth of experience in this area, having completed numerous domestic and commercial projects, and we can take care of all aspects of the water borehole drilling process. So, why not get in touch today to find out more? Either give us a call on 01257 421700 or send a message to

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