Geothermal Pipework

At Teckna Group, we take pride in our highly trained and skilled team dedicated to delivering top-quality services, especially in geothermal pipe installation.

With years of experience, our experts excel in connecting geothermal boreholes to clients’ properties with high-quality pipework.

Our team leverages industry expertise, intuition, and meticulous attention to detail to ensure each project meets exceptionally high standards. We understand that any fault in the installation process can have far-reaching consequences, which is why we prioritise precision and reliability in every aspect of our work.

Geothermal pipework installations vary from single connections to complex manifold systems, depending on client requirements. In larger projects, multiple pipework connections can be made back to a single manifold, highlighting the importance of effective planning and execution.

Our experienced team specialises in handling challenging projects, ensuring successful outcomes through careful planning and execution. Manifolds can be installed with surface access or buried with traffic-related chambers for future maintenance.

Like our geothermal drilling services, we only use certified pipework and fittings with a full auditing trail. The connection of geothermal pipework is crucial for system integrity, which is why we employ fully welded installations using electro-fused fittings, providing quality certification for each joint and conducting final pressure tests.

All our teams are trained and certified in electro-fusion techniques, with regular retesting every five years to maintain the highest standards. We aim to ensure that your geothermal pipework withstands all conditions and remains operational for years to come.

Upon completion of borehole connections, all pipework undergoes pressure and flow testing to verify high-performance standards, providing peace of mind and assurance of long-term reliability. Additionally, we offer optional anti-bacterial treatments for the complete system before installing heat transfer additives.

Teckna Group specialises in the professional installation of Geothermal headering systems, catering to both individual house installations and multi-borehole headering installation works.

With over 15 years of experience in PE pipe installation projects, we ensure a high standard of workmanship utilising fully automatic electro-fusion equipment to enable full CQA (Construction Quality Assurance).

Our comprehensive services include the provision of a diverse range of manifold designs tailored to clients’ requirements. These designs can be customised with bespoke chamber or surface-mounted options in plant rooms, ensuring flexibility and adherence to project specifications.

All work undertaken by Teckna Group is carried out by our highly skilled and fully trained installation teams. We prioritise correct installation procedures, including system purging, flow testing, and pressure testing of individual collector pipes and the complete system. This meticulous approach guarantees the reliability and performance of the installed systems.

Projects can be executed with or without antifreeze additive, depending on the client’s preferences and specifications. At Teckna Group, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each project, ensuring client satisfaction and long-term performance. Contact us today to discuss your geothermal headering system requirements and discover how we can assist you in your project.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Geothermal Pipework Important ?
Geothermal pipework is essential for the efficient operation of geothermal systems, connecting various components involved in the borehole drilling process and ensuring the effective delivery of high-quality water. It helps regulate temperatures at ground level and distributes heat efficiently by leveraging natural processes, such as solar energy, to provide sustainable heating and cooling solutions.
One method of joining pipes in geothermal systems, particularly those made of MDPE (Medium-Density Polyethylene) and HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), is electrofusion. Electrofusion involves using special fittings equipped with built-in electric heating elements to weld the pipes together. The process consists of several key steps:
1.Preparation: The ends of the pipes to be joined are cleaned to remove any contaminants that could interfere with the welding process.
2.Insertion: The cleaned pipe ends are inserted into the electrofusion fitting.
3.Voltage Application: A specified voltage is applied to the fitting for a fixed duration. The fitting contains embedded heater coils.
4.Heating: The heater coils melt the inner surface of the fitting and the outer surface of the pipe ends.
5.Welding: The melted surfaces fuse together, forming a strong, homogeneous joint.
6.Cooling: The assembly is left to cool for a specified period, ensuring the joint solidifies properly.
This method results in robust and durable joints, capable of withstanding the high pressures and temperatures typically encountered in geothermal systems. By utilising electrofusion, geothermal pipework installations can achieve high reliability and longevity, contributing to the overall efficiency and sustainability of the geothermal energy system.
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