Comacchio MC900.P1 for geothermal drilling and water wells

Comacchio MC900.P1 for geothermal drilling and water wells

New Geothermal Drilling & Water Well Drilling Rig


Teckna Group continue to expand its geothermal drilling and water borehole drilling division with the purchase of a bespoke rig manufactured by Comacchio in Italy based on the MC900.P1.

As with our other specialised  rig the MC900.P1 is also a double-headed rotary rig capable of installing temporary protective casing up to 360mm diameter with its lower rotary head whilst drilling internally with the upper rotary head.

For standard geothermal drilling of boreholes from 150mm to 200mm diameters, boreholes depths in excess of 300m should be available, depending of course on suitable geology.

Another bespoke feature apart from dual rotary heads to enable faster drilling rates is the addition of a high flush mud pump capable of delivering 1290 litres of flushing water per minute, this is in excess of twice the amount normally used enabling faster, cleaner geothermal boreholes.

With the availability of larger casing diameter and flushing pump we can now install large diameter water wells of 250mm or larger depending on geology and with equipment using a smaller foot print but with the power of a larger rig with 20 tons of pull back which comes with its own casing extractor enabling an additional 10 tons of pull to be applied if required.

Although this has been listed as a geothermal/water borehole rig it can also install deep bore soakaways, or any other type of rotary borehole.

The machine is presently in manufacture and will be available in due course for those Clients requiring deeper geothermal boreholes or larger borehole fields where two dual rotary drilling rigs may be required as well as continuing with larger water wells.

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