How long does borehole drilling take?

How long does borehole drilling take?

On the surface, implementing a water borehole through borehole drilling may seem like an idea that you’re on the fence about…but look a little deeper and you will discover it’s a fantastic decision! Bringing with it a number of benefits for you and your property.

Often in life, we want things quick and easy. This is understandable of course, as instant results are just as important as holding out for long term success. But, what if we were to tell you that drilling a borehole can take next to no time and provide you with results for years to come? Seriously, we’re not kidding.

Borehole drilling is a cost-efficient way of prospering from an extra natural source of water – without worrying about any chemical contamination. But one question that regularly gets asked is, “how long does borehole drilling take?” with people put off by the prospect of lengthy drilling times and drawn out processes. Not so with Teckna Group – let’s take a look in more detail:  

A multi-step process

For some borehole companies, the process of borehole drilling may just involve the actual drilling of the hole to extract natural water from the source underground – with no careful consideration made on how deep to drill, and without performing a detailed risk assessment beforehand. This can appear all well and good at the time, as you as the customer will think that you’re receiving a quick service that allows you to continue with operations as soon as possible. But if you query the borehole drilling of the company you trusted, you will quickly find out that they have not spent as much time as they should ensuring that your borehole is of the correct standard and will perform admirably for the long term.

At Teckna Group, we offer much more than this. We guarantee that all of the correct procedures and checks are carried out to make the borehole drilling process one that is as quick and safe as possible – and that your home gains a reliable natural water supply for years to come.

A water borehole prognosis can take up to 10 days but this ensures we can give the project the green light before any of the real digging starts, and determines which piece of borehole drilling equipment is most suitable for the job.

By taking this extra time to perform a thorough water borehole prognosis we are making the overall process a little longer, but it is something you will definitely thank us for in the long run!

Down to business

Once the water borehole prognosis has been completed, it is then time to get down to the nitty-gritty of things and to start your borehole drilling project.

Once we have drilled the borehole into the ground we test it for a range of variables to ensure that the water supply is working properly. We then fit a pumping system and pipework to tailor the borehole to your specific requirements.

Teckna Group always makes sure that we work in a way that gets a job done as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst making sure it is done to the highest possible standard. With this in mind, the timeframe for water borehole drilling can vary from project to project, depending on how deep and wide the hole is, and the difficulty of the site’s immediate surroundings. As a guide though, we normally hope to provide you with fresh, natural water within just 2-3 days!

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