Borehole Water Supply

If you’re facing hefty charges from your main water supplier due to large volume usage, a borehole water supply from Teckna Group could be the ideal solution for you.

Not only does a borehole water system offer relief from high costs, but it also addresses issues such as poor water quality or unreliable supply. With a water borehole system installed by Teckna Group, you can guarantee a clean and reliable water source for your property, even during drought conditions.

Our comprehensive packages cover everything from hydrogeological surveys to borehole drilling, storage tanks, pump installations, and filtration equipment. Before proceeding with any borehole installation, we recommend obtaining a water borehole prognosis to determine drilling depth and conditions, ensuring a safe and effective installation process.

At Teckna Group, we provide national coverage for borehole drilling projects of various depths and sizes, adhering to all UK guidelines to ensure safe water abstraction. Our expertise in designing and constructing quality boreholes, coupled with our use of sophisticated technology and high-quality equipment, ensures reliable and efficient water extraction.

Upon completion of drilling, we conduct thorough testing of the water quality at accredited UKAS Laboratories to ensure it meets the required standards for use. Our commitment to delivering safe and reliable water solutions is paramount, and we strive to provide impartial testing results using calibrated equipment.

Water Borehole Drilling

At Teckna Group, we offer comprehensive water borehole drilling services across England, Scotland, and Wales. Following a thorough water borehole prognosis, our team provides end-to-end borehole drilling services, from initial consultation to water abstraction.

We employ a variety of efficient methods to ensure that water borehole drilling is completed to the highest standard, even in restricted spaces or challenging ground conditions. Our specialised tracked equipment enables us to navigate access issues, ensuring drilling can proceed year-round.

Water well drilling typically involves four key steps:

1. Location and Assessment: Our hydrogeologists assess the geological properties of the ground to determine the optimal drilling path and equipment required.

2.Construction: Our skilled well drillers commence borehole construction, casing necessary sections in steel to reinforce areas as needed.

3.Testing: The borehole undergoes testing for various variables, including water level impact, with the installation of a borehole pump to facilitate testing.

4.Installation of Pumping System: A pumping system and borehole pipework are installed, with pump selection tailored to the intended use of the extracted water.

For domestic water well drilling, boreholes typically have smaller diameters and are lined with 113mm to 150mm diameter borehole lining, reaching depths of 50 to 70 meters, or even up to 200 meters. Commercial borehole drilling involves larger diameters (250mm to 450mm) and depths exceeding 100 meters, with boreholes lined with steel, stainless steel, PVC, or a combination.

Installing a water borehole presents an opportunity to save on annual water costs, providing consistent water pressure and quality. Upon completion, water intended for drinking undergoes rigorous testing at UKAS laboratories for chemical and bacterial analysis. The results inform the fitting of appropriate filtration equipment.

Our experienced engineers are adept at the water borehole drilling process. If you’re interested in installing a water borehole, contact our team at 01257 421 700 or We’re here to help!

To learn more about our borehole water services or to discuss your specific requirements, contact us at 01257 421700 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Water Borehole

A water borehole is a cylindrical hole drilled into the ground to access groundwater, which is a vital component of the water cycle. As water moves through the ground under the influence of gravity, it traverses various layers of gravel, soil, and rock until it reaches a depth where the spaces between particles are filled with water. This depth is known as the “water table,” which can vary in proximity to the earth’s surface, from shallow depths to hundreds of meters below.

In natural circumstances, groundwater may naturally emerge at the surface through springs or feed into streams and rivers. However, Teckna Group utilises boreholes to extract groundwater for various purposes. Extracting groundwater requires sophisticated technology, expert knowledge, and precise design to ensure proper functionality.

The design and construction of a borehole are crucial factors in its success. A well-designed borehole maximises the extraction of water while minimising the risk of contamination and structural issues. Unfortunately, the importance of proper borehole design is often overlooked, leading to potential failures in functionality and efficiency.

At Teckna Group, we prioritise the quality and precision of borehole design and construction. Our team possesses the expertise and resources to implement effective borehole solutions, ensuring reliable access to clean groundwater for our clients’ needs.

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