Water Borehole Booster

Water Borehole Booster

In 2015 we installed a brand new water borehole at Techrete as part of a large extension program for fire fighting purposes to their existing site for the manufacture of high quality precast concrete panels.  Techrete Expansion

Fast forward to 2016 and we were contacted by Techrete to design and install a system to draw water from the lagoon and to pump it to the new and existing manufacturing plants to allow them to utilise the water collected in the fire fighting lagoon from the borehole and reclaimed water rather than just running to drain.

Techrete2After numerous design meetings Teckna Group where commissioned to install the pumping system with controls and  upgraded the water borehole system that included the following.

  • 150mm ductile iron and non return valve from the lagoon to the pump housing.
  • New GRP pump housing unit mounted on a concrete base.
  • Installation of a Twinset pump operating as Master & Slave with alternate running.
  • Low level monitoring of the lagoon with a transducer to measure water pressures above the unit.
  • Emergency sounder warning of low levels.
  • Borehole controls to operate at high and low levels of the lagoon waters.
  • Water totalising flow meter with electrical outputs.
  • Filtration of the water before being pumped to the site
  • Remote monitoring of the pumps with access through a PC or smart phone.

The complete system is now up and running to ths Clients satifaction as everything is fully automatic with water usage being recorded electronically so negating the requirements of manually collecting the water data every day.



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