How Borehole Drilling Works

How Borehole Drilling Works

Teckna Group’s guide to how our high-quality bore drilling service works.

 Here at Teckna Group, we offer our clients an array of drilling and civil engineering services using our modern and innovative equipment, in order to provide our clients with a high-quality service, whilst also maintaining our commitment to health and safety. Our bore drilling services include water borehole, soakaway and geothermal.

What is Water Borehole Drilling?

We provide our water borehole drilling services across the UK, which is completed once we have performed a waterhole prognosis to determine the specifics of the job – as every project is unique.

We offer both domestic and commercial borehole drilling which provides consistent water pressure and supply flow and should also significantly reduce your annual water bills.

Water borehole drilling is usually performed in restricted spaces on poor ground conditions, where wheeled drilling rigs cannot gain access. Our expertly-tracked equipment allows us to locate the issue regardless of the time of year.

This particular type of borehole drilling is typically utilised in water wells, which involves our team of hydrogeologists analysing the conditions of the ground, in order to establish what borehole drilling equipment is needed.

Once the type of equipment is established, our team of well-drillers will construct the borehole and case it in steel.

In some cases, water boreholes are utilised as drinking water sources, which means our team will undergo testing in order to establish the safety standard of the water.

What is Soakaway Borehole Drilling?

 This process is typically utilised when a traditional soakaway method is not suitable. This is determined by geological properties, including the conditions of the site and whether the installation of traditional drainage is too expensive.

Our team at Teckna Group advise a deep bore soakaway, which involves soakaway borehole drilling, a similar process to water borehole drilling.

The process of a soakaway borehole drilling involves a series of steps including health and safety, design, drilling, installation and testing. Costs vary depending on different preferences, as we offer a tailored service to every unique client.


What is Geothermal Borehole Drilling?

Here at Teckna Group, we provide a variety of ground source heat services, including geothermal borehole drilling for both domestic and commercial clients.

Geothermal borehole drilling is seen as a revolutionary process, as it not only produced great sources of energy utilised for electricity, it can also cut electricity costs in the long run. 

We provide borehole drilling installation packages alongside our accredited partners for MCS GSHP, who work with us to deliver the best possible service to all our clients.

Before completing the construction of the borehole, which involves grouting, we always ensure a pressure test is performed and a certificate of this test is issued to our client.

We also offer additional service packages alongside the geothermal borehole drilling, including geothermal pipework, surveys, as well as more complex geothermal services.

We also offer additional services such as borehole monitoring and site investigation, as well as construction and pipe services, which are always conducted on time and within the specified budget.

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