New Projects for Water, Geothermal and Landfill

New Projects for Water, Geothermal and Landfill

Teckna Group win multiple bids for works in landfill pipe line installations, geothermal drilling projects and water well installations that will take us well into 2015.

We are back on SITA’s flagship site installing Phase 1 & 2 of the gas infrastructure works with the installation of 90 to 450mm pipe works, manifolds, KO Pots and connection of 30 new gas wells that are to be drilled.

We also have works on landfills at 3 other sites albeit on a smaller scale than Packington.

Geothermal drilling projects are again backing up with works coming in from Wilmslow for the installation of a number of 120m deep boreholes to replace a badly designed system installed by others 3 years ago which has never worked, with further projects to commence in Oxford, Marple and Kent.

Water well projects range from domestic installations commencing in January to projects under way of the design stage to abstract over 20m cubed and up to 300m cubed per day of water for larger commercial projects, as well as installing a dual open loop system to in January / February again in Oxford

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